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Our translation team

All of our translators are highly skilled in their respective fields of expertise and are native speakers of their target language. With our on-site facilities and our global network of professional translators, ZETA RHO FOUNDATION INC promises to be sensitive to our clients and their critical schedules.

Confidentiality policy
Along with providing top-quality translations, ZETA RHO FOUNDATION INC adheres to a strict confidentiality policy Clients' privacy wishes are maintained with the up-most respect and consideration.

CPLI offers translation services in a variety of industries, including:

  • Marketing and Advertising translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Translation for Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Human Resource Translation
  • Business and Technical Translation

From business cards to novels, ZETA RHO FOUNDATION INC will translate any type of text, in any medium - including:

  • Certified translations
  • Birth/death/marriage/divorce certificates
  • Diplomas
  • School transcriptions
  • Immigration forms
  • Medical records
  • Bank Statements
  • Personal letters/materials
  • ID/Passport/driver’s license
  • Any Legal and financial translations (contracts, forms, letters, scripts and various documents)  

Document Translation